Titanic. What do you think of when you hear that word?

 If you’re like most people that grew up in the 90’s, most likely you’ll picture Rose and Jack on the bow of the ship, arms spread wide with a gorgeous pink sunset taking over the sky. You are also likely to hear the words, “I’ll never let go,” and Celine Dion’s cult classic, “My Heart Will Go On,” is instantly on a revolving loop playing in your head. And who can blame you? Of course there is the true tragedy of the “unsinkable” ship going down and the over 1,500 people that died because of it, but popular culture be damned, the fictional love story of Jack and Rose is what most of us shed tears for in the end.

This classic whirlwind love story, originally released in 1997, of two people from opposite ends of the class spectrum that fall into a love that ends in tragedy, has now, more than 10 years later, been re-released in the theatre…in 3D! How exciting! I am among the masses that will flock to the theatre, pay my (almost) 20 dollars to see it and undoubtedly cry my eyes out at the end (maybe even throughout as I watch their love unfold), but I can’t help but ask myself, ‘why?’

Titanic, to me, is the greatest love story ever written and while others have come close (The Notebook, for example), I just don’t think any other movie really compares, old or new. That being said, Titanic must air on the TV about three times a month on various channels (which I watch almost every time) and of course I own the DVD, so why would I actually spend money to go see it? At first I used the excuse that it was because it is in 3D. Who wouldn’t want to see all that action, right in your face? However, as I thought harder about it, because 20 dollars is a lot to spend on a movie I’ve seen probably over 100 times, I realized it was not about the 3D-ness of it at all.

I also thought about the fact that this re-release is to commemorate the 100th Year Anniversary of the highly publicized maiden voyage gone horribly wrong. Am I subconsciously feeling a need to pay tribute somehow to the sunken ship, even if it is just by going to the movies? While I would like to say that this is the reason, I cannot tell a lie.

In all honesty, I am going to the theatre to see Titanic 3D simply because I love the movie! Whenever the preview for it comes on the television, I stop what I’m doing and watch it intently. I know all of the words in the script (so much so, you’d think I co-wrote it), yet I stare at the TV afraid of missing anything and then I yearn to watch more when the preview ends (yes, I could easily pop in the DVD, but that’s beside the point). Lastly, my heart goes on singing the song by the same title for at least an hour after hearing it.

I asked the group of friends that I am going to see the movie with why they wanted to go see it and they all replied the same thing: because they love it. Of course there are those newbies—children of the next generation—that did not grow up with the two-VHS box set Titanic in their living rooms and now just want to see what all the Titanic hype is about, but I think the majority of the people going to see it or that saw it during opening weekend are going, because they need to see Leonardo make love to Kate in the back seat of a buggy on the wide screen, at least one more time. As for me: I’d go even if it wasn’t 3D. 

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