Critic Studio: Thanks for taking the time to talk with Critic Studio, Davey. For anyone new to Davey Suicide, can you give us a little history on the band and how you guys got started?

Davey Suicide: Frankie and I met and started working together on a song called “One More Night.” It didn’t take long to realize that we had great chemistry so we started writing more and more. I already knew Ben at that point and Frankie knew Needlz. Ben brought in Griffin, as the final piece and so it began.

CS: The band’s debut album single and video “Generation Fuck Star” just came out a couple of weeks ago. How soon before we get the full album?

DS: Mid-Summer. We have a big July/August tour and it looks like it’s coming out between that.

CS: Musically, you’re a mix of industrial and metal with lots of sonic intensity thrown in. And visually you take it to another level of shock and art, so I have to ask how are your influences musically and artistically? And how do you feel those influences have helped you along as an artist?

DS: Guns N Roses, Manson and Eminem are my three patron saints.  In their prime, there was no one in their respective genres that could touch them.  They rewrote the rules and made the industry follow their lead.  It made me realize that boundaries are only there because we put them there.  Get great at what you do and people will take notice.


CS: What do you think sets Davey Suicide apart from other bands like Marilyn Manson or NIN? 

DS: I think we have more melody, some bigger solos and more of an 80’s influence in our industrial approach. 

CS: When it comes to writing music, is it a band effort or are you the primary songwriter and arranger?

DS: Frankie and I write the majority but Needlz has gotten progressively more involved.  Sometimes I’ll bring a Garage Band recording in and we’ll build off of that.  Sometimes Frankie & Needlz have music they give me and sometimes I’ll have a lyric sheet and Frankie will bring in his guitar.  The methods to the madness depend on the day. 

CS: I know the bands set to go out on tour with Wednesday 13 in June. How long with your be on tour? 

DS: June 8 – June 13 

CS: Any plans as of yet to take the show on the road as a headliner in the near future?

DS: Down the road, yes, but for now we’re going to be supporting the bands we grew up idolizing. 

CS: Is there a website you wanna plug where fans can get up to date news on the album’s release, tour dates and Merch?


Thanks again for talking with Critic Studio, Davey. The new single is bad ass and I’m stoked to hear the full album when it comes out. I hope to see you and the band in Chicago soon. All the best to you and the band. Thanks again man.

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Davey Suicide chats about his debut single and upcoming tour, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating