In the ever growing sea of electronic acts out there, it takes more than talent and desire to distinguish yourself from the rest. It takes a mustache, a ninja and a big giant laser eye that can travel through time, space, and the realms of hell. It’s a good thing that Midnight Conspiracy posses all three.

Midnight Conspiracy spent a few moments from their busy schedule to talk with our staff about their tour, latest mixtape and how they’ve adapted all the changes.

Critic Studio: So how was the group formed?

In the basement of Angels & Kings. We all were part of a weekly party called Disappear Here and between all the partying and drinking back then decided to form Midnight Conspiracy. And then things started to get serious, we put in the hard work, and here we are today. Blur the lines between work and play and you’ll find yourself surprised with the results.

CS: Tell us a bit about your group’s chemistry. What’s your formula to make things work in order to make such good music?

Graham has the engineering know-how to really make those pro sounds. Louis is on the road a lot and knows what really works on a dancefloor. And Mikul has a mustache which is the most important element.

CS: You’re currently on tour. How has that experience been so far?

For us, the experience depends on the food. If there’s a lot of ramen noodles shops and other asian places like in the Bay area, then the experience is wonderful. A+ if there are In-N-Out burgers and Waffle Houses around. The worst is if you’re in the middle of nowhere in the Midwest with nothing but bad fast food.

CS: Some of your completed tour dates has been back-to-back. How are you coping with this quick turnaround?

We decided to drive this tour so we could jam a bunch of our friends into a van and make a road trip out of it. The drives were 6 hours each back to back to back, and in the middle we were at Summer Camp Music Festival. It’s a festival in a forest in the middle of nowhere. So we partied all night and slept in a hammock for a few hours and then hit the road to the next stop. The drives were rough, but it’s a lot of fun to be able to bring your friends along who usually don’t get to see shows and festivals from the performers point of view.

CS: “Dead Fame 003″ has received┬ánothing but positive reviews. Can you describe the thought process behind this mixtape?

We definitely wanted to go heavier and darker with Dead Fame 003. Unlike the previous mixtapes, this one has minimal vocals and is less accessible to an audience that wants “sing-along’s”. This one also has a lot more dubstep than the previous ones so we wanted to build up the mixtape properly and then thrash it out at the end with raunchy dubstep.

CS: What has been the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome to date in your musical career?

Indecisiveness. We’ve gone from italo disco to indie-electro to heavy bangers to dubstep. Our 2nd track we’ve ever released was dubstep, and then we didn’t put out another dubstep track out until 12 tracks later. We like it all, but some of our early italo and indie fans don’t like the heavy stuff or dubstep. I don’t really understand why. We like it all. So we’ve seen a slow change in our fan base as we’ve gone from one genre to the next, but you can’t worry about what people out there are liking or not. You just have to do what you like.

CS: You recently performed at Chicago’s Spring Awakening Music Festival with other artists like Skrillex and Afrojack. This must have been really exciting.

I was really excited to play at Solider Field. I just remember watching Depeche Mode’s 101 documentary and seeing them perform in other football stadiums like the Rose Bowl. That whole arena rock thing was epic, so it was exciting to bring EDM to the arena.

CS: With your increase in popularity, how are you able to adjust and cope with these sudden and quick changes?

Just be yourself, work hard and do what you love. The rest will follow.

CS: You just recently signed with Ultra Records. What was the deciding
factors in signing with them? I’m sure you had multiple offers.

The owner of Ultra Records flew in to Chicago, hung out at our studio
and talked about music with us all day. He went to college in
Chicago, talked about his vision for bringing up more Chicago acts and
had a genuine love and passion for the music. It was that kind of
personalization that sealed the deal for us. The music industry is
increasingly becoming more about the business end of the things and
how to profit from it so it was refreshing to see a label of their
size to be run by passionate music lovers.

CS: Tell a bit about your debut release “The Eye” Remix EP

Every track is a different genre from Dubstep to Electro to Drum &
Bass / Drumstep to Break Beats. The one thing they all have in common
is the heavy bass. You can say this release features a lot of
up-and-coming unknown artists, but they’re all really top notch
producers and they’re all friends of ours: Cenob1te, Dubsidia,
Invader! and Wuki (Kris from Innerpartysystem’s new solo project).

CS: Any collaborations or mash-ups in the works?

This summer we have a new single dropping called “Eyes in the Sky”. We also have all the remixes from our last single “The Eye” coming out as well.

CS: What about a full length LP?

Our EP should come out in late summer or early fall.

Music From Midnight Conspiracy


Download Midnight Conspiracy’s latest mixtape for free at:

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