DMX is back you say? Of course he’s back, but the real question is how will he fit into the world now that the music scene has changed so much?

DMX was a prominent rapper in the 90s and early 2000s, but then he took his shot at making movies and then came the trouble with the law.

He is one of the few artists out there that has released two albums in the same year that both debuted at the number one spot on the Billboard 200. Add that to the fact that he’s sold over 20 million records in the US alone and you have one of the top selling rappers of all time.

So, how does his newest record, Undisputed, hold up against his old stuff, new artists and the drastically different music scene from what X is used to?

Undisputed is an old school DMX album, through and through. You won’t go a single track without hearing “What!” or “Come on!” in the background. This is by no means a complaint, he’s kept his style for almost two decades. You have to respect the fact that he’s not trying to change just to sell records.

Even the beats on the album are reminiscent of the days of old. It’s no surprise that Swizz Beatz produced two tracks on the album.

One thing that is different is that DMX has gotten more into religion and it shows in some of the songs. He’s had a prayer on every major album release and this one is no different, but he seems to be more involved in the preaching aspect of things.

Don’t let that paragraph scare you off from the album, there’s still plenty of typical DMX things on the record. He’s still a man tormented by darkness and he’s still barking in the background.

I don’t understand his logic in titling the album Undisputed when he hasn’t put out an album in six years. In the early 2000s, yes, he was definitely one of the best around, but he’s been out of the game for quite some time and the game has changed — A LOT!

The rap game is ever evolving, but DMX’s style doesn’t quite fit with what’s popular now, so I’m wondering how well the album will sell.

I’m not shooting for nostalgia here, but today’s rappers are a lot different than the rappers in the 90’s, just like rappers then were vastly different from those in the 80’s. You just gotta ask yourself, who’d he make the album for?

Is this album a creation from the heart to talk about his persistent troubles and chronic torette’s-like barking or is he trying to win over a new generation with the same style he’s had on his prior albums?

Most artists put out an album to get their message out or accumulate fans or make money. I find myself asking, “Why was this album released?” Could DMX be trying to make a real comeback or is he just putting out a new album hoping to ride the wave of his previous success.

DMX says the rap game has fallen apart and that it needs to be revitalized by starting over. He says this, but with slightly different words on one of the most appealing tracks on the album, Already.

The best and worst part of this record is that it’s a typical DMX album. We’ve heard this all before, but it’s still nice to see X again.

Undisputed is by no means a bad album, it’s a solid effort, but is it necessary? I respect DMX as an artist that has crafted his own style and stays true to himself. He has a ton of accomplishments already and this album should do fairly well because there are few tracks that are solid enough to go into my playlist.

Preview Music from the Album

I Don’t Dance¬†

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