The formation of musical bands is steadily on the rise. Some bands are successful while some aren’t so lucky. However, one thing that’s for certain is that talent, chemistry and passion is key to any band’s longevity. Flattens the Forest is the epitome of a band on the rise possessing these attributes. A few months ago while attending the Blood On the Dance Floor concert, we had the pleasure to hear the band and were nothing short of being blown away.
Critic Studio: For those unfamiliar with your band, tell us a bit about “Flattens the Forest.”
Flattens the forest has been a work in progress for the past few years. We all love to make music and we’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do so within this group of friends.

CS: Can you introduce the band members?
Tricia (vocals), Chris (guitar), Matthew (guitar and vocals), Austin (bass and vocals), Joe (drums)
CS: You have a very unique band name. How was this name derived?
Thank you. Flattens the forest actually comes a bible verse. Isaiah 32:19 “Though hail flattens the forest and the city is leveled completely, how blessed you will be sowing your seed by every stream” It was a bit of a random open and point process.

CS: Tell us a bit about your band’s Sound. Do you write your own music and songs?
We do. The songwriting process usually consists of one guy bringing a sound to the table and then about an hour of improvisation. Whatever we like, we keep. I like to think our sound reflects some post rock influence. I could be wrong.

CS: You have a female lead vocalist with an exceptional vocal range. Was there any selection process in order to obtain the right lead vocalist?
There was not. We were actually lucky enough to be friends with Tricia before making music with her. It just so happened she was very talented and perfect for us.
CS: I was fortunate to see you perform live late last year with Blood on The Dance Floor and I really was impressed with the band’s overall chemistry. Can you tell me some more about your chemistry? How long did it take to get to this point?
Thank you. Austin and I have been making music together for 5 years, so we almost have this telepathy thing going between us musically. We’ve also been friends with Chris and Tricia for as long as I can remember. Joe is actually a new addition to the band. You didn’t see him perform last time, but he’s a great drummer, and he giggles a lot so that’s good. 

CS: Being that you are still in school, how are you able to juggle school and the rigors of being in a band?
Coffee. It also helps that we have practice almost once a week.

CS: What bands are your inspirations?
We had the pleasure of playing with a band called Letlive last year. They were an inspiration to us musically as well as their attitude towards what they do as a band. We are also very influenced by Moving Mountains and Marvin Gaye.

CS: Looking back to date, name one the first positive  thing that comes to mind regarding your musical career.
Almost every show we play is a positive experience. I honestly can’t pinpoint just one event, but we’ve met a ton of awesome people along the way, and that’s personally one of my favorite things about being in a band.

CS: You guys have quite a following to date. How are you able to handle your composure and humbleness?
We really like to make fun of ourselves. As if there weren’t enough things to keep us humble, that definitely does the trick haha

CS: Talk about your EP a bit.
Our EP “Thieves” is a collection of songs written in the last year or so. We wanted somewhat of a unified theme for the EP. If you listen, you’ll hear some lines repeated in different songs. Some songs were written about events in our lives, some about dreams, most are about the human condition. It was a lot of hard work getting it all together and we are very proud of it. We also had the pleasure of working with Spenser Boice and Edgar Vargas in the studio.

CS: Are you signed to a record label?
We are not.

CS: What’s on the horizon for 2012 for Flattens The Forest?
Hopefully more of the same. We really want as many people to hear this EP as possible so we’ll probably do a bunch of shows to promote it.

CS: Where can fans find you online?
You can find us on Facebook. We have a few songs on YouTube. We don’t have a website or anything though.

Music from Flattens the Forest

CD Release Performance
The Glass House

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Land of Freedom Sea of Thieves

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