The Electronica genre has been on a global tear in recent years. Thanks to household names like Afrojack, Martin Solveig and Benny Benassi we’ve seen a surge in the number of new artists and producers that are seeking to add chapters to the genre’s rich history. One such music producer, Thomas Nab, also known as D.Ranged is out to add his name in the books with his unique and tantalizing sound.

A telemarketer, by day, Thomas isn’t afraid to tell of his love affair with music. Thomas recently sat down with us to discuss his music production in addition to telling us about the state of the Electronica genre.

CS: You mentioned about first wanting to be a DJ. What caused the change?

I thought it was a good idea at the time but when I did my first attempts to do some mixing I soon discovered that the music and sounds were missing something. To be frank I couldn’t find the rhythm I was looking for. So very soon I found myself trying to make the right sounds myself and here I am now making my own music. Now I’m trying to find that right beat and concept that dance music needs.

CS: Tell a bit about your favorite production to date and also why it’s your favorite

My favorite production to date is undoubtedly Lost My Space. Second and third are Submariner and Baby Steps

Lost My Space to me has just that right amount of groove and synth chord in it to make it a real dance blast. I can’t help but moving on it myself. It has a friendly happy appeal and just makes you feel good and merry.

Submariner has the same qualities but is a deeper more down there tune with a lot more sub-bass.

Baby Steps is simply different with a slower groove with lots of floating sounds and some classical vocals. It’s a special track.

CS: Walk us through your process to derive one of your productions

When I start making a tune first I need to hear that music in my head, so the concept is there in my imagination to begin with. First I start to create a rhythm by trying to find the right bass and drum or percussion combination. This being the hardest part, it has to be just right. When I have found the right “beat” I experiment with a lot off synth chords to create the happy or deep flow I’m looking for depending of what kind of tune I’m trying to create. Getting the right BPM (beats per minute) is very important in this process because there’s always a difference in that according of what kind of instruments I’m using. As soon as I get that done I try to find the proper intro and drops in the tune so people don’t get bored listening or dancing.

It’s important not to play a groove too long. I try to give it enough variation using different synths and enough variation in drum kicks to keep it interesting. I like to use some very distant “filling” background sounds to give it that floating sensation. Finally, I remaster/distort some of the synth and drum/percussion chords to get a more “nasty” sound. Then I play it over and over again to eliminate any off sounds or off beat instruments.

CS: What do you think would be your ultimate goal as a musician?

My ultimate goal is to be the best I can be and to have as many people as possible enjoy my music. I want to see crowds of people losing themselves in my sounds. Also, when I ever get somewhere I would help young upcoming musicians when I’m experienced enough to do so.

CS: Are there any other producers you listen to that inspire your sound?

I’m not inspired by any one musician/producer in particular but more by the sounds of dance trends from the late 90’s. My goal is to make new sounds based on this era.

CS: Tell us a bit about the music scene in the Netherlands. What are the music trends like currently?

The music trends are still basically Trance/Techno with some Drum and Bass and Dubstep going on. An upcoming trend is the Nu Disco which is based on the disco music that was popular in the 70’s mixed with some house, trance sounds from today. Of course Hip-Hop and Rap is still going strong. However, there’s a big market for the more popular genre as pop music.

CS: Europe is especially known for its popularity of the Electronica, Dubstep and Drum and Bass music genres. How does that fit in with your music?

It’s because electronics is so popular in Europe I felt drawn to that. My music is mainly electronic so that should be perfect for European music lovers. I like electronic music so much because it has infinite musical possibilities.

CS: What would life be like for you if there were no music?

I couldn’t imagine a life without music. I would miss the chance to express my feelings on an artistic level. And that would be a dark and not very happy lifestyle for me. In short it would be impossible.

Although music is Thomas’ life, there is still a defined balance that helps keep everything in full focus. “My life is shared by my beautiful wife whom I love above myself. I have three pets, two dogs and a cat, love them to death,” Thomas laments. Additionally, Thomas still finds time for the finer aspects of life. “I like watching a good movie or just sit with a group of friends enjoying some good conversation and sharing daily experiences like listening to rock jazz and the older 80’s new wave tunes. I Love classic music too although not too heavily. So I see myself as an easygoing guy with a love for life, nature and the good things in life. And of course my awesome love for music,” mentions Thomas.

CS: What about your sound makes it fresh and stand out?

I think my sounds are unique in every sense. It’s a combination of feelings and expression unique to me. I think its fresh because my chords and combination of synths are my new contribution to the music of today. These sounds don’t exist yet so in that sense it’s new and innovative. It stands out because of its special warmth and the emotional feelings I put in it.

CS: So what can we expect from you in the coming months?

In the next coming months I’m going to try out some new tracks with some experiments on vocals in them. At the moment I am starting a collaboration with an American singer to see where that’s going. Also I am going to give this Nu Disco a try to see if that is in any way interesting. For the rest I’ll try to produce as much music as possible because that what I like doing best.

CS: You mentioned working with an American Artist. Can you tell us about how this has been going?

We both are very enthusiastic about working together. We really are on the same wavelength about what we are going to do. His vocals are awesome and we think we can produce a very nice Trance/Techno crossover track that will compliment his vocal abilities.

When I initially spoke with him there was an instant click between us, both having the same ideas and sense of what we want to do. At the moment we are in touch about what kind of track its going to be and how and where we are going to fit in his vocals.

It is his intention to release his new album in the USA, Canada and also in Great Britain. We both agree that my sounds are very European sounding and we both think we are going places, especially in Europe. So we are going to work hard on that and hope for the best.

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