What can I say about an episode of this magnitude?

Well, for starters, the episode starts out with a boy riding his dirt bike through the desert, only stopping to catch a spider. After said spider is placed into a jar, the title sequence begins, which makes everyone wonder what was the point of the kid?

Boy on bike

Why is he in this episode?

We all know that nothing about this show is trivial and nothing that happens is to be taken for granted. The kid plays a part, don’t worry.

Walter sharpens his manipulation skills on Hank via a sob story and a bunch of lies. It’s funny to see Hank squirm as Walt starts to tear up. Hank jumps up, closes the blinds and leaves the room, just to avoid dealing with an emotional Walter White.

This was just a ruse to plant a bug and a device to monitor Hank’s computer.

Mike wants so badly to kill Lydia that he sets out to prove she’s the one who planted the GPS device on the methylamine canister. This is done in a seedy basement and looks like a scene from one of the Saw films.

Lydia saw

I want to play a game

We find out that she did not plant the device and that it was some other cops that Hank verbally lays into for placing a tracking device on the outside of the canister. Next, Lydia tries to avoid being killed by telling the guys that she knows where they can score “an ocean of methylamine.”

The shows creator, Vince Gilligan, said that after Breaking Bad he’d like to work on a western. Well, in this episode, we get a taste of that with a good old fashioned train robbery.

The group discusses the possibilities of robbing a train with only two outcomes; either they kill the two attendants and get away with it or they’ll get caught and end up in prison or dead.

dark times

Dark times call for dark and ominous meeting spots

Jesse figures out a way to rob the train and make it look like it was never even touched. This is the second time this season that Jesse has come up with the best plan. Jesse is evolving into more than just “second cook.” He’s becoming the true heir to the Heisenberg throne.

The crew of the pest control outfit and the three kings set up the plan to rob the train, only Todd (employee of Vamanos Pest) seems too inquisitive for my tastes.

Once the robbery starts to happen and everything is going to plan, here comes the glitch. Nothing ever goes off without a hiccup, so why should this be any different.

jesse train tracks

Not where you want to be when the train is coming through

Don’t worry though, they rob the train and all ends well — almost. There was a witness, but Todd steps up and proves his worth by eliminating the threat.

train robbers caught

This is what you look like when you’re caught in the act

The best part of this show, at least for me, is the character transformations and development.

The worst part of the show is the simple fact that this is the final season. So now, every Sunday night is a countdown to unhappiness. A sadness that is there because most shows don’t develop their characters half as well as Breaking Bad has done.

This season is slated for sixteen episodes, eight episodes this summer and eight next, so every second of airtime, week in and week out, acts as grains of sand in the hourglass of good television.

Once upon a time I quit watching television because the shows became boring and redundant. I just hope that the new shows take a page from the Breaking Bad notebook and give their characters more depth because if the characters aren’t dimensional or relatable, then the whole show will sink from the weight of its own underdevelopment.


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