As sad as it is, the last episode of Breaking Bad, for this year, was on television Sunday night. We’ll just have to wait ’til 2013 for the last eight episodes of the entire show.

As Breaking Bad winds down to the end of the series, some things have been put into motion that will be unstoppable. The balance of power is shifting and has shifted in a way that leaves characters forever changed.

I’ve recently read some negative press on Breaking Bad — it’s not that easy to come by, but it’s out there — where some have trashed the show’s character development, a point that almost everyone has hailed as one of the greatest parts of the show.

What does the mid season finale have to offer the audience?

I’m going to try to keep this concise. The episode was a little more slow paced than usual, but was full of new details. We see Walt annoyed by a fly to start the episode off and Todd asking what they should do with his “cargo.”

Walt has to decide what to do with the prisoners and lawyer that were getting paid but won’t now that Mike is no more. He outsources the job to Todd’s uncle who, if you remember, has connections on the inside.

Walt’s plan is to kill all the people within a two minute time frame. That’s not a lot of time to kill 10 people at different prisons, but that’s what Walt wants.

Breaking Bad Burning Man

That’s one way to kill a prisoner

Everything goes according to plan…for Walt. Hank was trying to interrogate the prisoners and get some more info. Having all the possible informants dead, he becomes a little upset and starts contemplating how futile some aspects of his job is.

Hank Thinks

Hank contemplates the futility of his job and what his next move is

He knows that there’s a link between Fring’s organization, Mike, the blue meth and the very quick and surgical death of all the people that had any knowledge of any of it, but he doesn’t know what the next step is.

Lydia talks Walt into expanding his business to the Czech Republic because there is an ample market for a better product, so Walt and Todd ramp up the business for the expansion.

This escalation of business leads to more money than Skyler can launder. She takes him to a storage unit (pictured below) and asks “How much is enough?”

Lots of money

How much is enough? That’ll do

Walt decides to quit the meth game and since he has more money than Skyler can count, I’d say it’s a good time to exit. He visits Jesse in a failed attempt at rekindling the friendship, but Jesse is scared of what he’s become. Jesse even carries his gun behind his back until Walt leaves. Walt leaves him a present in the form of two duffle bags full of cash.

The exiting of Walt from his current position is a little off-putting for some fans because he’s been so adamant about becoming like Scarface and he’s stated that he’s in the “empire” business. Unless he’s taking Fring’s role as head of the business, then he’ll be neither of those. He appears to be out of the game, but we’ll see.

If he quits then how will the rest of the show play out? What about his 52nd birthday and that giant gun he purchases? One fan noticed that it looks like Walt is wearing a wire or maybe a it’s a tube to a colostomy bag or just a very defined wrinkle in his shirt. Look at the picture below and decide for yourself.

Wrinkle or wire

That’s some odd looking muscle definition

I’m not into conspiracy theories, but that looks like more than a wrinkle to me. Getting back to the latest episode.

Walt quits and his family is back together. The final scene of the year is that of a happy family meal by the pool. Then Hank decides to use the bathroom. He finds none other than a book given to Walter by the late chemist for Fring, Gale Boetticher, who happen to inscribe some words in the book that bring Hank to the realization that Walt is the guy he’s really after.

Hank on the toilet

Epiphany in 3…2…1

It just goes to show that some of people’s best thinking comes to them when they’re on the can.

As sad as it is that Breaking Bad is over until next year, this episode changes the perceptions some had about what was going to happen in the show.

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