The boys are back. I know this was the third episode of the season, but it’s the first time that we get to see Walt and Jesse back in business, now with a third partner — Mike.

Mike the paralegal

Pictured here: Mike the Paralegal

One of the great things about this show is the transformation of Walter White into Heisenberg. Well, this episode has one simple little line of dialogue that you would have never heard the old Mr. White say. He tells Saul to grow a pair when he’s about to face Mike. A line that simple shows the kind of person that Walt has become and it’s exactly who he was not a few short years ago.

It’s nice to see Walt and Jesse bonding again. They get to brainstorm how they cook will work and chat about life, but the addition of Mike to the equation adds some unneeded stress.

The group pairs up with a pest control company, Vamanos Pest, to hide their lab. This new business venture means that each batch they cook will be at a new location. This creates new challenges for the Jesse and Walter, but they develop some interesting ways of disguising their lab and what they’re doing.

Back in business

Back in business, the pest control business

Mike comes in as a partner and wants 100% control over the business end of things. Everyone agrees to the terms, with Walt thinking he can control Mike and subsequently the business end as well. Unfortunately for Walt, it doesn’t look like that plan is going to pan out after we see Mike divvy up the money.

They make over one million dollars for one batch, which is basically one days work. Split that three ways, after paying for distribution and hush money, and each partner winds up with well over $100k. Walter makes the comment that it’s less than what they were making under Fring, but Jesse’s logic is flawless.

Walter is ominous

Walter speaks ominously sometimes

Their first batch was around 50 lbs and they were pumping out 200 for Fring and making only slightly more. I know Mr. White is in the middle of his Heisenberg transformation, but don’t get greedy. I don’t make that in a year, more less for a days work. Maybe I’m in the wrong business.

One day's pay

$1.3 million: One Day’s Pay!

All in all, this episode rekindled the friendship of Walter and Jesse. I’m sure the audience is glad to see this, I know I was, it brought about a subtle amount of conversion into Heisenberg and it gave the audience some perspective on how things are going to go this season. You know that they’ll never be able to just sit down and relax, there will always be something unfortunate on the horizon.

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