AMC’s Breaking Bad starts off its fifth and final season with a bit of a mystery and the addition of more drama on top of the show’s already drama-laden plot.

The show begins on Walter’s birthday at a Denny’s with a New Hampshire id. We see Mr. White, with a full beard, make a purchase of some heavy artillery.

The King

The King is back…and looking a bit rough

We cut back to the present, shortly after Fring’s explosive finale, the DEA find out what he was really up to — local business man and drug kingpin. Walt and Jesse meet up with Mike to discuss the video footage of them cooking and distributing meth.

The implications of the video are too much for Mike to handle and he wants to bail on the situation, but Walt wants to sneak a device into the evidence room to destroy the laptop with the footage. Jesse comes up with the idea to use a magnet to erase the hard drive.


Jesse has a great idea and everyone, including Walt and Mike are surprised

The season opener has very little plot, but the show is done so well that a tiny plot isn’t a problem. Sometimes¬† a show that doesn’t have much going on is boring, but with Breaking Bad the drama and interpersonal relations of the characters are so tense that the small plot line is only an afterthought.

Who knew that a show whose plot is about cooking meth would be as additive as the drug itself. When a show is character driven, such as Breaking Bad, it’s hard to not get tangled up in the lives of each person.


Oh yea, remember Ted, he’s still alive

To sum up a little bit, the plot of the season opener is a little thin, but the show more than makes up for it with the high tension that is built around the characters of the show. AMC is off to a good start, I just hope that the final season keeps up the momentum — after all, the expanded final season should warrant many twists and turns.

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