Last week’s episode of Glee was thematically similar to this week’s, so I figured I’d combine them into one review. Saturday Night Glee-ver was a fun episode that didn’t annoy me as much as I thought it would. Everyone did disco songs and Rachel and Finn had the same argument about their future for the millionth time. More importantly, Brittany and Santana finally discussed their post-graduation future. It’s nice to see Glee acknowledge that there are other characters and couples on the show that will be splitting up after graduation. I know Rachel is kind of the main character, and it’s fine that her relationship has been given the most screen time, it’s just that they literally have been having the same exact conversation every single week and we get it already. All that being said, Brittany and Santana’s story was pretty terrible. Brittany released their sex tape because she thought it would make Santana famous, and then something about a magical cheerleading scholarship. Whatever.

This week’s episode, a tribute to Whitney Houston, was much better than I thought it would be, given the show’s track record with tribute episodes. They typically are just a collection of music videos that have nothing to do with the characters or plot. This time it seems like there was already an idea for an episode, and then they somehow respectfully merged Whitney Houston covers to fit into the story.

It’s time for the glee kids to start saying goodbye to their friends and significant others, and also everyone is apparently a huge Whitney Houston fan and having a hard time saying goodbye to her as well. Mr. Schue gives them the assignment to work out their real struggles and also sing Whitney songs.

Emma's pamphlets have always been funny little details, I particularly enjoyed this one.

Mr. Schue and Emma have a couple discussions about their upcoming wedding. Eventually we learn Will is trying to rush it so that all the glee kids can come, because he loves them and they changed his life and nothing will be the same after they leave. Aww! (Really, I’m not being sarcastic, it was sweet.) Also, there was some ridiculous plot between Quinn and Joe having to do with Joe being a Christian but still wanting to have sex with Quinn who is paralyzed and so he goes to physical therapy with her, or something?? Okay. Also, Rachel and Santana put aside their differences and suddenly become friends and sing So Emotional together, it’s very cute.

The real meat of this episode was Kurt and Blaine’s story line. They FINALLY acknowledged that Kurt will be leaving for New York and what this means for their relationship. Of course, the only reason it all came about was because Kurt met some guy in a music store who complimented him and then continually sent him flirty texts. But it’s okay, I actually forgive the writers for bringing in yet another character out of nowhere to cause a conflict because it finally brought up some issues between this elusively “perfect” couple.

Kurt tells Rachel that Blaine never compliments him or shows him any affection and that’s why he’s enjoying flirty texting with this guy from the music store, Chandler. In a very sad scene in Kurt’s bedroom, Blaine sees the text messages and is heartbroken. He accuses Kurt of cheating, Kurt tells him to calm down. Kurt says it’s hard to be Blaine’s boyfriend because Blaine gets all the attention and never makes him feel loved. Blaine tells him that he changed his whole life for him, transferred schools, left everything to be with Kurt, and is that not enough? Unfortunately this otherwise wonderful scene had to conclude with Kurt saying “It’s okay” and Blaine replying “It’s not right…but it’s okay…” and then leading in to his rendition of Whitney’s “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay.” (Why did he have to say that and make it so cheesy?)

Sassy Blaine and his army of scorned glee kids. He dedicated his performance to anyone who's ever been cheated on. Which is basically the entire glee club. Except Joe, he hasn't been around long enough.

I like that they redid the original video for the song, except for one major problem. The original song sounds nothing like the Glee version. It never does, I know, but this is different. Most people from my generation only remember this song as a techno remix. But apparently it was originally NOT a techno remix. For the sake of iTunes sales, Glee did the remix, which is just sad, because otherwise this was a nice tribute.

Kurt has a touching scene with his dad (yay, Burt!) about moving on, and then I guess realizes he was wrong about Blaine and sings “I Have Nothing.” A very tearful Blaine reluctantly claps at the end of the performance. Later, the two of them have a meeting with the guidance counselor, Emma. It’s a classic Glee scene. First it’s funny and ridiculous: Blaine’s main complaints about Kurt are that Kurt has been slipping bronzer into Blaine’s moisturizer, and that Kurt snaps his fingers at waiters trying to make the cheesecake come faster. Then it gets sad: Blaine reveals that he’s been distancing himself from Kurt because Kurt can’t wait to get out of Lima and Blaine has been preparing himself for being totally alone next year, or possibly losing Kurt. It turns out Kurt doesn’t want to lose Blaine, they love each other so much, they hug, and everything is okay again, for now.

Blaine then sends Kurt a suggestive text message and wants to skip glee club. Kurt, albeit happy about the text message and the spark in their relationship being back, says they can’t miss it. Blaine lists all the members and says that everyone is off doing their own thing, nobody is going today. Kurt convinces him not to skip it. They enter the auditorium to find Artie and Mercedes singing “My Love is Your Love.” Slowly, each member shows up.

Nobody skipped glee club! Everybody came to sing together! Aww!

It’s a very sweet scene and then the episode ends. I know I’m a little biased as Kurt and Blaine are my favorite characters, I only went into depth with their story. But everything surrounding them in this episode was very good, too. (With the exception of Quinn and the fact that she always needs to have a boyfriend and the fact that they introduced Joe as a devout religious person who is now willing to give it all up because Quinn is pretty.) I’ve said a lot of bad things about this show, but for all its faults, when it’s good, it’s very good. Ryan Murphy had said the last 6 episodes were going to be “absolutely heartbreaking” and this was the first of the final 6. Tune in next week for Rachel and Kurt’s NYADA audition, where one of them is going to “Choke” as the episode title suggests.

Me, watching this episode.

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