The episode starts out with news coverage of a Tru-Blood plant being bombed. Bill’s plan begins.

Alcide has a flashback of when he was inducted into the pack. “We’re not as smart as shifters, we’re not as fast as vampires, but we’ve got a pack.” Worst motivational speech ever!

Jessica dump

Jessica informs us that vampires no longer need to take a dump

Jason and Andy forget how to play good cop, bad cop. Instead, they go all LAPD on a guy and try to beat the information out of the only person they have in custody in connection with the supe murdering.

Andy Werechicken

Andy Bellefleur: His job is to protect were-chickens

Salome is a vampire that is extremely old and powerful, but her hubris exceeds her limitations. At least it seems that way until she enlists some help from a treacherous vampire.

We learn that the Obama group that is killing the supernaturals are modeling their hate-group-hierarchy after the KKK, with a dragon and everything. Not a very creative or intelligent bunch, that’s for sure.

Bud cancer

Former Sheriff Bud Dearborne: “All the law ever gave me was cancer in my ass!”

Terry and Patrick settle their Ifrit problem. Blood has been paid with blood.

Bill’s plan to blow up the Tru-Blood bottling plants is working and in full effect. Three of the five are ablaze by the end of this episode and the monarchs have lifted the ban on feeding in public, or at least the new sheriff of Eric’s area says so.

new sheriff

Eric’s replacement as sheriff. A little too goth and feminine for my taste.

What was the point of Alcide’s flashback? It only introduced us to Alcide’s father, who comes into play near the end of the episode, still nothing substantial though.

I don’t fully understand Russell’s infatuation with Steve Newlin, but it’s rather creepy. Russell asserts his dominance over the werewolf pack and gives Steve his first pet.

Bill traitor

Once a traitor, always a traitor

Overall, the episode was very eventful, but not as entertaining as I’d hoped with the death of an old favorite, the mention of another (gran), some chuckles from the dialogue, Russell showing his power, a traitor returning and the introduction of some new characters.

Too much happened for this episode to not have been better.

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