With only three episodes left in this season, the countdown to a cliffhanger begins. This episode, Gone, Gone, Gone, was one of the best of the season and one of the saddest of the entire series.

Where True Blood usually uses the tactic of sex and blood to keep the audience interested, this episode drew upon our emotions with the bittersweet exit of Hoyt.

Hoyt is a giant of a man with a big heart who fell in love with Jessica, a vampire. He also happens to be Jason’s best friend and we all know that Jason has been known to think with junk about 300% more often than he does with his brain. This lead to Hoyt being in a lot of pain when Jason and Jess hooked up.

You probably knew all that, but I wanted to reiterate those facts because we’ve seen Hoyt suffer for a long time at losing Jess and his best friend in one soul-crushing blow. Now he takes a step to remedy his sadness and pain by making Jessica glamor him and remove Jason and her from his memory.

Hoyt goodbye

Hoyt wants to remove their very existence from his memory

Think about that for a second. Think long and hard about how bad it would be to remove your best friend, someone you’ve known since you were a child, from your memory — entirely. Now think about removing your first love too. I imagine it would be a great liberation to have the bad things disappear, but a loss that great is the epitome of sadness.

Hoyt is off to Alaska for better things, but who knows if he’ll make it there or what will happen with his storyline.

The Hoyt story took up a good portion of the show, but other things did happen. Two vampires die within the first few minutes and that kind of thing really sets the stage for good times. I won’t spoil it, they were minor characters though.

Jason helps Sookie find out what’s under the bed. It’s not a monster, HBO hasn’t gone down that path just yet. I know they’ve tapped almost every other type of supernatural thing except Bigfoot and Nessie, but there wasn’t a monster under the bed, it was a scroll.

Jason Smart one

Jason is the one figures out where the scroll is hidden

“Who’s the smart one,” Jason asks Sookie as the audience chuckles and hopes it’s not really him. They take the scroll to be interpreted by a guy who makes quirky, yet funny analogies.

interpret scroll

“Why does my ex-wife name her toes…maybe it’s cuz she’s nuts”

┬áHe basically tells them that no human language is like what’s written on the scroll and they take it to the faeries for deciphering. We find out that it’s a contract that says that Warlow is granted Sookie. Much like the contracts of old handed over the first born son, this one delivers the first child bearing female faerie — Sookie.

Other story arcs that take place are with Tara, Pam and their new sheriff and Russell, Steve Newlin and the AVL.

The new sheriff tells Pam and Tara that each area has to create 30 new vampires before the end of the year. Pam wants to hit the road and run from it all, but Tara has a different plan, a plan that involves decapitation.

I like the new Tara. I’ll be the first to admit that after season 1, I hoped they killed her character off, but the way that she and Pam interact is a great use of complimenting characters. They’re very similar, but they make a good team.

Tara not running

Tara refuses to run

Steve Newlin, now the proud owner of a little girl/werewolf, heads to Louisiana for a televised debate about the Tru-Blood factory bombings. This brings Luna and Sam into the picture for a few moments as they think that he’ll bring the child with him and they can steal her back. Wrong!

Russell and Steve have a disturbing, odd relationship. I guess Russell is trying to replace Talbot. Anyway, Russell does what I predicted he would do and stood up against the AVL. He’s not the type of vampire to bow down to anyone, even the daughter of God, Lilith.

Russell’s mention of daywalking via faerie blood incites Salome to stand up to him. This was not a wise idea because Russell is 3000 years old, which he tells them. He says “I’m 3000 years old and stronger than all of you combined,” after he throws Salome across the room into a stone pillar.

Russell v AVL

You know he’s angry when he loses his charming Southern accent

Russell said it long ago and now he proves it. He is the Authority. It just goes to show that you don’t piss off the strongest vampire on the planet. Denis O’Hare does a great job of changing the whole tone of the show with a simple fluctuation of his speech. When he loses his Southern accent, you know something bad is about to happen.

With only two episodes remaining, we’re left to wonder if we’re going to see Warlow before season’s end and also what Russell will do. One thing is clear, they should have killed Russell when they had the chance because now he’s fully healed and empowered.

Overall, this episode was one of the best of the season and great way to wind down to the final two episodes.

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