We left off with the gang finding Russell, still in a weakened state, with a smile on his face. The sixth episode,”Hopeless,” starts out right there. 

As glad as I am to see Russell back, the Authority is quick to burst on the scene, capture him and take him to Roman.

The catfight between Tara and Jessica spills onto the dance floor until Pam stops them and belittles Tara for her actions. The fight leads Hoyt to believe that Jessica still cares for him, which eventually leads to him being a vamp snack in the alley. 

Sam is alive

Getting shot down last week won’t stop a man from shopping at a gun store

Back at the Authority’s hideout, they prepare to send Russell to meet the true death, but things don’t go as planned. 

Terry runs from the Ifrit and tells Arlene everything that happened in the war and with the curse. She obviously thinks he’s off his meds.


Jason scoops up Sookie and takes to farie field where she sneaks into the club to find out it was in fact her blood that caused a vampire to kill her parents. Who is this mystery vampire? Someone knew or someone that she has trusted all along?

The episode ends with Russell treating Roman to a taste of his own medicine.

Russell vs The Authority

Russell vs the Authority: Who ya got?

Overall, this episode was mostly uneventful other than the death of a famous character, some new info about various subjects and we get to see Russell being his crazy, awesome self.

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