We’re over the hump and on the down slope of the season and this is where True Blood takes a turn to the odd…or more odd than normal.

Tara shakes her money maker on the pole, at least until her mother comes to Fangtasia to tell her she is disowning her. How many times has she left Tara now? Too many to count, so why is it important this time?

Jason turns into a good big brother as he tells Sookie to not let the knowledge the faeries laid on them bother her too much. Eventually she tries to get rid of her finite luminescence and become normal.

After taking a hit from the “blood of Lilith” bottle, the remaining members of the Authority including Russell, their captors and Bill and Eric hit the town. This drunken bliss ends with a massacre at the hands of the vamps and a blood-soaked Lillith materializing into existence from a pool of blood.

Night vision Russell

He’s older and more powerful than everyone…and now he’s leading the Authority.

Godric and Jesus return for some short lived screen time that only leaves many in the audience wanting more.

Lafayette takes a little trip to confront Jesus’ family and ends up strapped to a chair with his lips sewn shut. But don’t worry, Lafayette has escaped death far more times than anyone thought it possible. Hell, he dies at the end of the first book, but because of the fans he’s still alive in the fifth season of the show.

Hoyt gets mixed up with the wrong crowd, the same hate group that attacked and killed the shifters. They appear to set their sites on Jessica for doing Hoyt so wrong. Meanwhile, Sam is actively pursuing the group and his super sniffer tells him how many are in the group and more.

The amazing power of Russell is once again proven as he swiftly takes out a vampire who stands against him. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

The episode, overall, is a bit slow paced, at least until we get to the vampire’s drug induced tirade. I caught myself checking the clock more than once during the first half of the show.

The episode leaves things open to allow f0r some interesting twists to come. How will Alcide’s battle for pack master turn out, considering his opponent is on V? What will happen with the Ifrit, Terry and Patrick? Who’s going to stop Sookie from draining her power? 

Microwave fingers

Her magic is finite, so Jason asks if they can just plug her in and charge it back up.

These questions might be answered soon, but my big question is what’s going to happen with the whole Lilith situation? She was the first vampire, which means she is stronger and faster than all the rest, but was she real or just a hallucination via the red poison they all ingested? All the vamps seemed to acknowledge her presence, but who knows which direction the writers will take it.

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