The latest episode of HBO’s True Blood was one of the most odd in the entire series. What makes this episode so odd? Let me start:

True Blood is known for its vampires and shifters. Here in the last few seasons we’ve seen werewolves as well. Now the writers have started pulling supernatural beings from other cultures. I won’t reveal the soup, just in case you haven’t seen it.


Game of Thrones is not the only HBO show with a smoke monster

Other than that, the episode was pretty mundane. Friends are made between some vampires and their relationship quickly hits a speed bump.

We find out a little bit more about who released Russell. It’s a woman affiliated with the Authority and that’s about all we know.

The Blood

It’s all about the blood

Jesus returns in an odd and disturbing way. There are some weird dream sequences in this episode.

Other than the perpetuation of the normal storyline, we do see a major character get killed? The question mark is because with HBO you never know who is really dead or not.

Overall, this episode reveals some important things, there are some arbitrary events and the Russell returns. I really hate to keep saying that the show is only perpetuating the storyline, but when about half of this episode was just Sookie, Eric, Bill, Alcide and some guy walking around, what else would you call it?

Take your best shot

“Take your best shot”

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