First of all, I apologize for no review last week. This week showcased the season 5 finale, Save Yourself, of HBO’s True Blood.

So, what happened? A lot!!

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

The season 5 finale is one of the bloodiest episodes in the show’s history and in true HBO fashion, many central characters bite the big one.

The episode starts off exactly where last weeks episode ended with Russell seeing the tent full of faeries and basically licking his lips for the inevitable feast that lies ahead.

The Fae use their collective light to try and fight Russell off, but he says it only tingles.

Russell in the light

Feel the tingling sensation of Faerie light

As the light engulfs Russell, but doesn’t hurt him, Eric appears in the blink of an eye and stakes him. This ends the saga of the best vampire on the show since Godric. Steve Newlin runs off like a frightened little girl.

The show has killed the two oldest and most awesome vampires. The oldest now is Salome. I wonder what her future holds?

¬†Sookie checks on Jason and when he comes to he is seeing his parents who’ve long since been dead. Later, Sook realizes that he has a giant knot on his head and that he’s acting strange. His (dead) parents are telling him to kill vampires.

Eric, Nora, Tara, Jason and Sookie plan to infiltrate the AVL headquarters, kill those who deserve it and reason with Bill. This is where the show gets bloody.

Eric has to explain to Nora that Sookie is not for eating and Tara is family.

Bill and Salome have both been “chosen” by Lilith, but Bill is realizing that she has appeared to everyone with the same objective. Bill tells Salome that he knows Lilith chose her. You can almost see the gears in Bill’s head turning as he’s deceiving Salome with a plan to drink Lilith’s blood and take control.

Meanwhile, the AVL has been breached by Sam who devises a plan get Emma out of the bunker. This brings Steve back into the picture. Well, it’s really Luna shifted to look like Newlin.

The AVL put Luna/Newlin on television to explain about the video of Steve and Russell entering a frat house that later contained twenty-something dead college kids. Of course Luna takes the opportunity to shift back to herself and tell a live audience that the vampires have human captives.

This does not make Rosalyn very happy and just as her fangs pop out, Sam, in fly form, makes his way into her mouth and shifts back. The result is an explosion of vampire parts and the reemergence of Sam covered in blood…and one of the coolest vampire death’s the show has portrayed.

Vampire explosion

That’s how you kill a vampire

Jason, Sook, Eric, Nora and Tara breach the compound and come in guns blazing. More red-shirt types get killed in this part of the show than ever before. If the show goes over budget at all, it’ll be on the amount of blood they used in this episode.

Nora and Eric take out a ton of guards and so does Jason. Sookie and Tara rescue Pam and Jessica. Tara and Pam make out. Yes, you read that correctly, Pam and Tara have finally come to the conclusion that they’re both smart asses and have feelings for one another.

We break from the the blood splattering to see Andy and his pregnant faerie in Merlotte’s. She eats a lot of salt and then pops out four half-faerie, half-human babies. Then, she just leaves them for Andy to raise. What a sweet gal.

Four kids

Andy has four halflings now

Alcide finds out what the new packmaster has been up to and decides to put an end to it. He accomplishes this by taking some V that his father has, then he kills the packmaster and takes over the pack.

Bill tricks Salome into drinking what she thinks is Lilith’s blood, but actually was regular blood with silver in it. He goes into a monologue about her narcissism and arrogance, then he stakes her.

The show comes to a close when Sookie and Eric try to reason with Bill. He refuses and drinks the blood of Lilith. Then he explodes!

Bill the new god

Is Bill the new God of the vampires?

Just when Sook and Eric turn to leave, Bill’s blood puddle begins to move and Bill returns looking like Lilith. Is Bill the new God of the vampires? Guess we’ll see in season 6.

We don’t see any of Warlow in this episode and there’s no allusions to who he is either. I guess they’re holding that over our heads unitl season 6.

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