Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a second. Sookie has been told that her “light” is finite and if she uses it all that she’ll no longer be Fae. Couple that with the fact that a bloody bandage of hers that was left in her parents car is what led a vampire to killing them and you got a southern girl who wants to expel her faerie juice as quickly as possible.

Jason face blast

Jason Stackhouse: “I’m fine, you got me in the head.”

Of course this isn’t going to happen. How boring would the show become if the central character, who has been extraordinary for 5 seasons, becomes plain and uninhibited? Very, that’s how much.

Yes, there are other narratives that True Blood focuses on, but regardless of what entity their following at any given time, it all comes back to Sookie and either her “microwave fingers,” her blood, which is the sweet nectar of life to all vampires and her interactions between all the various forms of supernatural beings.

This week we see how Alcide’s run for packmaster unfolds, — not very well is all I’ll say — we see Bill turning into something that Eric disapproves of, Lafayette becomes the medium for Terry and Patrick, a faerie circle is formed along with another clue as to who killed the Stackhouse parents and Jason lays some wisdom on Sookie — I was just as shocked as I’m sure you are.

Faerie Circle

Today’s faerie circle is brought to you by Einstein…because, in the True Blood universe, he’s half faerie too.

Hoyt’s new buddies take Jessica prisoner and force him to kill her. Of course that situation plays out just the way you think it would.

Tara reconnects with a racist high school classmate who, after finding out Tara is a vampire, says “Oh, now you’re a member of two minorities.” I was pretty glad when Pam lets Tara drain that chick.

Eaten a child

“For the first time in a decade, I ate a child.”

The Authority work on their plan of taking over the world via an end to mainstreaming. Bill comes up with the best plan as Eric looks on in disgust. This just proves that religious fanatics come in all shapes, sizes and level of supernatural ability.

Two Sams

For a minute there, I was worried we were going to see some Sam on Sam action. How weird would that be?

All in all, this episode was pretty decent in that it’s laying down the gauntlet for how the rest of the season is going to play out. We now know that either Terry or Patrick have to die to appease the Ifrit or at least break the curse, a werewolf on V is faster than a track star, Luna can’t control her shift into another person and true loves kiss to break a spell has been stolen from fairy tales and supplemented into the True Blood mythology.

This episode brings answers to many questions, but also brings just as many new ones. Two-thirds of the season is over now and next week begins the last third. Let’s see where it takes us!

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